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Abaad Developers Private Limited opened its doors in 2007 and we have never looked back. In just over a decade we have established the Abaad Developers name as a stalwart in the plantation industry. With that success in tow we have since expanded into the end to end waste management service industry.

At Abaad, we provide comprehensive waste management services across India. The drive to do so comes from multiple places

we are the finest and safest e-waste management company in India.

India is fast developing into a global powerhouse in sectors such as IT services and manufacturing. This development has made our country one among the largest consumers of electronics in the world. The usage of the number of personal computers, laptops, mobile devices, and other digital gadgets currently are on a rise like never before. This positive growth has another negative impact as more and more electronic waste is discarded unsafely. To address this national concern of e-waste management, ABAADD DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED has embarked on a journey to make India free from e-waste being disposed irresponsibly.

We work with a mission to make Responsible e-waste management a part of every business/institution's culture. Our focus lies in generating maximum resource value from the e-waste. We also focus on eliminating its negative impact on Mother Nature.

Our aim is to use environmentally friendly technologies suitable to Indian Conditions. We don’t stuff e-waste in landfills, neither do we incinerate products that release harmful toxins in to the atmosphere. We focus on waste recycling in a smart and safe way.

Through a robust and transparent operational model, we have principally formalized the unorganized e-waste management companies in India.

A smart and safe way of recycling e-waste

We are the most responsible e-waste recycling companies in Delhi. We ensure all businesses a smooth journey in terms of waste management. We are a trustworthy e-waste recycling partner for your business and we promise to:

  • Recycle all electrical waste locally, using high excellence machinery to break down components.
  • Focus on extracting the useful material with utmost care and perfection for refurbishing and reuse.
  • Ensure environment-friendly disposal.
  • Certified and guaranteed complete data destruction

We are leaders in e waste management services in Bangalore and Delhi. We offer secure and certified e-waste management wherein waste is collected swiftly, transported and processed in a compliant manner. Our services are intended to meet and exceed national government and legislation in all processes. We are the best e waste management in India, able to provide a range of tailored services built around your needs and business.

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Eco-friendly disposal of e-waste

With an aim of providing a sustainable solution to the e-waste problem in o

Data Destruction

Data is an integral part of all electronic equipments. We ensure that there

Asset Recovery

We believe in the 3R mantra “Reduce Reuse Recycle”. As a result we also


We have a pan-India clientele and undertake disposals across the country.

Reporting & Certifications

Our reporting systems offer asset tractability throughout our

24×7 CCTV security surveillance

At EcoCentric, our facility is monitored 24×7 through CCTV cameras.

Health & Safety

When you feel your best, you do your best! We help..

Prompt response

We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing prompt



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